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To you this may just look like a musical note.

But for children and adults with severe and profound learning difficulties...


it's the sound of hope.

We use music to stimulate communication, learning and self-expression in those who may be unable to speak.  We make sure individuals feel less alone.  We help them to make themselves heard.


Please support us this week at The Commitments Tour at the New Theatre, Oxford as part of our Charity of the Year.  We will be collecting your kind donations after every show this week. With big thanks to the New Theatre, Oxford and the Commitments Tour.

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In February 2017 James Redden will be heading over to Finse, Norway. From there he will ski 350 miles North, finally ending this particular trip at a place called Ljostland.  The journey will take about two weeks. All equipment and supplies will be pulled in a pulk, the weight of which will be in the region of 60kg; and along the way raising money for Soundabout.  Please click on the link to his Virgin Giving Donation Page.

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