Family 'Commusication' sessions

For most children, singing, dancing and music are some of the earliest ways in which they express themselves, have fun and learn to interact with other children. Profoundly disabled children with physical, sensory and/or learning disabilities are usually denied this joyous experience because their disabilities make it impossible for them to take part in usual childhood activities. They can remain locked in a silent, static world, isolated and under stimulated. SOUNDSABOUTS COMMUNITY PROGRAMME IS MADE POSSIBLE BECAUSE OF SUPPORT FROM VARIOUS TRUSTS AND FOUNDATIONS and partnership we have developed with other charities and voluntary organisations. Thank you.

We offer disabled children and young people and their families the opportunity to enjoy regular music-making sessions in Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinhamshire.

We currently run:

• ‘ComMUSICation’ sessions for children 4-8
  years old and their families and

• ‘ComMUSICation’ sessions for young
  people 8-18 years old and their families

• in partnership with several organisations to
  ensure these family community music
  sessions are a success. They include:

1. Helen and Douglas House, Oxford
2. Uplands School in Wiltshire
3. Kids Adventure Playgound in Hertfordshrie
4. Soundabout premises in Worminghall