On the face of it, a Soundabout Resonance Board is quite a simplistic piece of equipment, it is in effect a large rectangular wooden board. The simplicity belies a world of exploration for people with severe learning disabilities.  A resonance board is a place to gather around, to lie on, to drum, to copy the beat, to feel the vibration, to explore a sense of self, to communicate with others and above all to have fun with.

In January 2017, our friends at the New Theatre Oxford took one of our resonance boards on a very special journey. As talented musicians and actors come and go from performing at the theatre they are asked to leave their mark, a piece of them to add to the story of one very special resonance board.  

This board is being filled and decorated with some incredible names of our time, each person showing their support for people, like them, who gain an awful lot from being involved in music making.  Thank you to each and every one of the special guests who have taken the time to sign our resonance board and to the New Theatre Oxford for their endless encouragement and dedication to charitable causes, the echo of their support will be felt for a long time to come. 

Please enjoy our gallery of some of the famous names who have already contributed.