After being in our current location for over 5 wonderful years we are now moving to a new office within Cornerstone at Didcot, Oxfordshire in early September. This will be an exciting new chapter for Soundaboutuk, as it provides us with new opportunities for greater engagement and outreach. Cornerstone is an arts, culture and entertainment venue in the heart of the town square. The building has a lovely open café, changing spaces toilet and greater accessibility throughout, which means better access and facilities for our patrons. Below are just a few images. 

We immediately recognised the potential benefit for our families. A truly accessible venue, with Changing Places, café bar, gallery, studios and a 220-seat auditorium. No longer hidden away but in the heart of the Didcot community, raising our profile and making a difference. Together we can put learning disabilities, music and arts at the centre of the community. Mark Smyth, Soundabout CEO

We will still be holding Music Making sessions in Buckinghamshire at Thomely and other exciting new venues like Thame Music Academy. For further details please visit our session page

Our new address from 11th September 2017 can be found here