About Us

We believe that everyone should be able to access and experience music.

Soundabout uses music, sound, and silence to create opportunities where Learning Disabled people with complex support needs thrive.

We offer a wide range of music making and training opportunities that enhance wellbeing, communication, community, self-expression, and enjoyment. 

Music is a universal language, a tool for communication for non-verbal people, and for expressing what can’t be put into words.

We focus on what individuals can do and follow their lead.

Our Team

We also have a wonderful team of volunteers. Find out about volunteering.

A National Charity

Soundabout was launched in 1995 in Oxford with the aim of empowering school staff to interact musically with Disabled pupils.

The overwhelming and enthusiastic response to this project by both pupils and school staff suggested that a permanent staff training programme would be welcomed in schools across the UK. In December 1997, Soundabout was officially founded as an independent charity.

Since then, Soundabout has blossomed and is now a national charity that has pioneered the use of music, rhythm and sound to ensure Disabled children and adults have a voice, a way to express themselves and be listened to.

Our Approach

Soundabout’s approach enables the voices of profoundly Disabled children, young people and adults to be heard through music making and activities that are all beneficiary-led. Each session is planned around the needs and strengths of the participants.

We use acoustic, electronic, and multi-sensory equipment to support participation. We also use repetition, silence, and time for sensory processing.

Our skilled music practitioner team use intensive interaction and improvisation with small groups which allows them to pick up on very subtle changes or expressions of participants e.g. eye movements or small gestures.

Parents / carers / support staff are present throughout and we work closely with them to understand their participant’s needs and wishes, and to share techniques that they can use at home.