Berkshire Sound Potential Training

In this session training series, originally delivered as part of the Berkshire Sound Potential Project, Isabel covers five topics: Setting up a session space, Choosing instruments, Using found sounds, Creative ways to explore instruments and Using participants’ sounds and movements.

Part 1: Setting up a session space

Isabel talks about how to create a comfortable and safe environment before starting your music session. 


Part 2: Choosing instruments

Isabel goes through the best type of instruments to create a variety of musical opportunities for your session.

Part 3: Using found sounds

In this video, Isabel will go through how to use unconventional instruments to open the sounds available in your music.


Part 4: Creative ways to explore instruments

Isabel walks you through how to change your perspective on how to use instruments and make them accessible to people with different needs.

Part 5: Using participants’ sounds and movements

Isabel teaches you how to champion your participants’ sense of agency and ways to acknowledge their impact on the group.