Environmental Sustainability

At Soundabout we are committed to ensuring our work has a minimal impact on the environment and actively promotes sustainable ways of working.

We are committed to best sustainable policy and practice. We know that supporting our environment requires sustained action, and we are committed to reducing our environmental impact year on year, continuing our commitment to securing a green future.

No organisation is too small to make a difference, but we also acknowledge that structures and power imbalance in society can make it very difficult for communities like ours to implement changes.

Green Group

Soundabout has a group of staff members who meet regularly to push our Environmental Sustainability work forward. 




Environmental Action Plan

The working group have drawn up an Environmental Sustainability Policy and an Environmental Action Plan covering all aspects of the organisation from waste, travel, suppliers, to our digital carbon footprint.

We have already made changes to the suppliers we use for merchandise and marketing materials, and look forward to the journey ahead.