Soundabout relies on grants from Charitable Trusts and Foundations to support its work as well as individual and group fundraising initiatives such as open days, sponsored walks and runs, auctions and concerts. However, we still need your support to raise approximately £250,00 each year to maintain our services. If you would like to help Soundabout to continue its work of reaching out to children and adults who have serve learning disabilities with our special brand of music, rhythm and sound communication. Your support really makes such a difference.

You can make donations and set up a fundraising page through our fundraising platform Enthuse. Thank you!

£5 could cover a family joining a Zoom session if they couldn’t afford to pay

£8 could pay for a hand drum

£9 could pay to install the ‘Thumb Jam’ app on an iPad

£9 could pay for a month’s subscription to ‘Widgit’ online (to make our information accessible)

£10 could pay for some wrist bells in one of our music-making sessions

£15 could pay for a practitioner’s Zoom account to allow them to run small group online music sessions