Lady clapping for a child

How we work

Building musical communities without barriers

Soundabout is a charity that uses music to empower and unlock the potential of people with severe and profound learning disabilities. Our multi-sensory music-making techniques help to stimulate communication, learning and self-expression, enabling people who may be unable to hold an instrument or speak to make their own unique contribution.


How we make music change lives

Community Outreach

Soundabout helps people with complex needs to connect to a supportive community and reduce social isolation and fear via individual and group musical sessions in the family home, online and other settings.


Soundabout builds the confidence of teaching staff in special schools, colleges and care homes to use musical tools and techniques to reach and develop the communication skills of people in their care.

Music in Schools

Soundabout delivers interactive multi-sensory music education sessions and festivals in special schools and colleges. These sessions take place both in the classroom and outdoors in the natural world.

The Soundabout Way

  • Sound and music is the starting point
  • Our practise is based on intensive interaction
  • We model and teach a culture of musical communication
  • We use resonance boards, Soundbeams, musical instruments, sound, silence, voice, music and storytelling
  • We facilitate playfulness in order to release inhibition around music-making
  • We look at what is the most effective way of working and use a range of approaches, suitable for children, young people adults, parents and teachers
  • We exemplify developing relationships – what unfolds, what opens up, what changes from this interaction

Physical contact

Many of the people we work with have profound and multiple learning disabilities and/or sensory issues, which is why we often take a multi-sensory approach to our music-making sessions. As such, our highly qualified practitioners may include non-invasive touch e.g. shaking hands to say hello, or rhythmic patting on an arm in the course of the session. If the child, young person or adult you are caring for prefers not to be touched, please let the Soundabout Practitioner know at the beginning of the session. 


Soundabout upholds the highest safeguarding standards and our safeguarding policy is available on request or can be viewed here. We believe that everyone has a responsibility for keeping children and vulnerable adults safe. If you have any safeguarding questions or concerns please email our Designated Safeguarding Lead Hollie Hunt at or or call us on: 01235 797474