Leicestershire Choir

The Leicestershire Soundabout Inclusive Choir, in partnership with Leicestershire Music Education Hub, launched on Saturday 30th January.
The choir, which is being run virtually via Zoom for the moment, will welcome people of all abilities and ages to create a musical community without barriers. Rehearsals take place on alternate Saturday afternoons at 12pm. 

The choir is co-directed by Will Taggart, Emma Burns and Alison Mitchell who encourage all members to contribute ideas for repertoire, and to build up confidence to lead on particular songs. As a result the music we perform is very varied. There are always lots of opportunity for performance, both recorded/in the media and live.

To get an idea of how the choir works, please watch this BBC News piece about our Oxford Choir.


Nicola Atkins from Leicestershire Music Hub

“We are really excited to be working in partnership with Soundabout to offer a new singing opportunity for young people and their families across Leicester and Leicestershire. The inclusive aspect of this group will enable people from all backgrounds and abilities to discover the joy of being part of a singing community whilst learning new skills and also having a lot of fun in a safe and caring environment.”

Clare Cook, CEO, Soundabout
 “Our experience in Oxford has shown us the powerful impact that an inclusive choir has on all involved – creating a musical community around children and young people with disabilities builds confidence in their own musicality and ability to form relationships. Some of the members will be singers, others may use technology or traditional instruments to make their contribution – all are welcome. Our team is aspirational in our approach and we are always looking to create exciting opportunities for leadership and performance within the choir.”

Rehearsal Dates
Saturday 24th April
Saturday 8th May
Saturday 22nd May
Saturday 5th June
Saturday 19th June
Saturday 3rd July
Saturday 11th September
Saturday 25th September
Saturday 9th October
Saturday 23rd October
Saturday 6th November
Saturday 20th November
Saturday 4th December
Saturday 18th December