Inclusive Choir – West Midlands

What is the West Midlands Inclusive Choir?

On Saturday 12th December 2020 at 11am, the national charity Soundabout and Midlands Art Centre (MAC) launched a brand new inclusive choir for children and young people under 25, across the West Midlands.

Who can take part in the West Midlands Inclusive Choir?

The MAC-Soundabout Inclusive Choir for the West Midlands welcomes young people of all abilities up to the age of 25 and is focussed on removing barriers from those with severe and profound learning disabilities being able to participate musically.

How does the West Midlands Inclusive Choir take place?

The West Midlands Choir is currently run virtually, which has enabled it to be accessed by people for whom travel, support and personal care considerations can limit face to face opportunities. Rehearsals take place fortnightly.

Download: West Midlands Inclusive Choir Dates Summer Term

Rehearsal Dates: 11am on Zoom
Saturday 3rd April
Saturday 17th April
Saturday 1st May
Saturday 15th May
Saturday 29th May
Saturday 12th June
Saturday 26th June
Saturday 10th July
Saturday 24th July
Saturday 7th August
Saturday 21st August

For more information on the Soundabout Inclusive Choirs, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

As of September 2021, we will, in addition to the fortnightly West Midlands Choir virtual sessions have face-to-face sessions running in five WM hub areas every four weeks (or alternate session). Those areas are:

Soundabout, which uses music to unlock the potential of people with severe and profound learning disabilities, also runs a number of other choirs, one of which, the Oxford Inclusive Choir, was recently the subject of a report by Fergal Keane on the the BBC’s national News at Six and Ten.


 “Our experience in Oxford has shown us the powerful impact that an inclusive choir has on all involved – creating a musical community around children and young people with disabilities builds confidence in their own musicality and ability to form relationships. Some of the members will be singers, others may use technology or traditional instruments to make their contribution – all are welcome. Our team is aspirational in our approach and we are always looking to create exciting opportunities for leadership and performance within the choir.”
Clare Cook
CEO, Soundabout

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the choir please complete the registration form below: