Inclusive Instrumental Learning: Part 2

Know Your Students Communication Over Assumption

Video 1

Task 1

Here is a question to consider either on your own or in discussion with others who you are with now. If you are with others – please take a good 2 minutes to think on your own first, before launching into a discussion.

Video 2

Task 2

How much student talking? 

Spend a few minutes thinking on your own before your discussion.

  • How much, generally, do students talk in your lessons? 
  • What are the benefits of students talking in lessons? 
  • What are the challenges associated with student talking in lessons? 
  • How can ‘talking’ improve the inclusion of lessons? 
  • What ideas do you have to include talking in your lessons that is positive, constructive, inclusive and well-managed? This might be a new idea, or making a change to something you currently do to make it more positive, constructive, inclusive or well-managed.