Inclusive Instrumental Learning: Part 4

Inclusive Musical Strategies Circle Music

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Here’s a task to help you get ready to try a riff circle with your group.  

Choose one of your music groups to use Riff Circle with – and consider these following questions:  

  1. What ‘brief’ will you design for the group to do this task for the time? Instruments? Not instruments? Sitting? Standing? How many beats for the riff? 

2. How will you describe the Riff Circle using the fewest words possible?

3. Which student might you start with – who will play their part first on their own?

4. Who do you think will do a very complicated musical idea?

5. Is there anyone who will find it difficult to participate in this? What can you do to support them?

6. Who might drop out of the music after a while? How will you get them back in?

7. Once it’s all running along nicely, what will you do with group to develop the music further?