Inclusive Instrumental Learning: Part 6

Peer to Peer


Peer to Peer Musical Activities

  1. Tuning: students pass the ‘A’ around in a circle
  2. Tuning: use the conventional role of co-leader, but pass the role around the ensemble weekly
  3. Scales: In pairs, students play alternating notes of a scale – in regular beats lengths to start – and then, trying to adopt a rhythmic pattern. 
  4. Rhythm matching: students pick one of the rhythms from a piece of music and play standing up in a space. As they play -they have to walk around to organise themselves into groups by rhythm
  5. Rehearse: two students listen out front to the group perform and give feedback and suggestions for improvements
  6. Composition: Play Rock, paper, scissors musically – allocating one rhythm to each. Then work out how to create a 30 second performance from the material you compose. 
  7. Rehearse: Desk partners take it in turns to listen to each other playthrough and give ‘2 stars and a wish’ feedback
  8. Closure: Students are asked to say one thing that another student did really well today. 
  9. Closure: Students are asked in a circle to say one thing, (max 10 words) that they will do before the next rehearsal in preparation for it.   


What other musical peer to peer ideas can you add to this list?

Add them to the comments in the YouTube video above please!