Inclusive Instrumental Learning: Part 7

Inclusive and Reflective Questioning

Video 1

Think Pair Share

Click here to watch a video showing Think Pair Share in a non-music lesson. What I love about this video is that you can see how the kids are well trained in using the technique. That routine use of a teaching technique means it can run smoothly and effectively without kids having to ask ‘what to do’. That’s empowering for students and means they can all get stuck into the question, the real content of the lesson moment.  

Video 2

Reflective Questioning Task

Here’s a task to explore how we can really drive the reflective thinking of our students in their music making 

Task: Write a list of some reflective questions that you can ask your students once they stop playing? Questions about the music they have just played, the accuracy, the expression, their individual part success level, the whole ensemble success. Questions that will help guide their reflective listening and thinking and help them to make decisions about the next steps in their musical progress.  

Post your ideas in the YouTube comments of the above video so we can create a wonderful bank of possible reflective questions.