Young man in a wheelchair smiling

Care Providers

Currently all Soundabout provision is delivered online. There are numerous music making sessions for you to access for free which you can read more about here

Soundabout can also organise interactive, small group music making sessions for your organisation. Please contact us for further details.

Soundabout techniques seem to have awakened responses unseen in David. A repetitive song was sung, using three names in the group. After several repetitions, we left out the name ‘David’. He slowly lifted his hand to his chest as if to indicate ‘me’. After doing this several times, we realised this was his clear intention. We were amazed!

Saturday Programmes

Our music making sessions take place on a Saturday where we hold a variety of small group sessions throughout the year. These sessions have different themes as our team of experienced practitioners invite participants to join them to engage in making sounds, patterns, rhythms, silence, turn taking and all the magic that our guests come to expect. We can happily accept group bookings for these sessions.

Multi-sensory Festivals

Three times a year we hold multi-sensory music making festivals which are based on a theme such as ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Tropical Rainforest’ or ‘Voyage Across the Sea’. We hold these festivals on Saturdays and weekdays. Our music room is transformed into a stimulating sensory environment and participants are invited to go on an engaging journey of the senses using music as a tool. The festivals run during weekdays and are particularly popular with both daycare and residential providers.

Outreach Music Making Sessions

We can also deliver music making sessions at daycare and residential facilities.

These are advertised throughout the year but please do get in touch if you are interested in this opportunity to see if we can arrange something bespoke for you.

For further information or booking inquiries please contact us.