How can you place a value on what Soundabout offers? It allows children with no other way of expressing themselves – a voice. They are among equals – all can join in. Families get a break and a good afternoon out. Rare if not impossible to find something we can all enjoy together
Welcome to the wonderful world of Soundabout, we have been working with families to provide consistently high-quality music making sessions for people with learning disabilities for 20 years.

Saturday Programmes

Most of our music making takes place on a Saturday where we hold a variety of small group sessions throughout the year. These sessions have different themes as our team of experienced practitioners invite participants to join them to engage in making sounds, patterns, rhythms, silence, turn taking and all the magic that our families come to expect. Many families have been with us from when their children were at school through to adulthood. New families are very warmly welcome to join the fun. Siblings and extended family members/carers are most welcome to join in the fun.

Multi-sensory Festivals

Three times a year we hold multi-sensory music making festivals which are based on a theme such as ‘Winter Wonderland’, ‘Tropical Rainforest’ or ‘Voyage Across the Sea’. Our music room is transformed into a stimulating sensory environment and participants are invited to go on an engaging journey of the senses using music as a tool. For further information or booking enquiries please contact us.