We are able to design bespoke packages for individuals, groups, schools, and other organisations.

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One to One

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Our practitioners can work one-to-one in-person in homes or community settings. 

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Our practitioners are highly experienced at running engaging one-to-one online sessions.


Soundabout works with a number of school partners to provide music making opportunities. We can organise anything from multi-sensory music-making installations to daily music provision across the whole school community. 

It’s about using sound as a starting point for a wide range of earning opportunities. Our approach encourages creative expression and well-being and is creative, intuitive, person-centred and flexible. It draws on many years’ experience of working in interactive and musical ways, using techniques and approaches that almost anyone can master. Our music-making techniques help to stimulate communication, learning and self-expression, enabling pupils to make their own unique contribution.

Soundabout sessions are playful, intuitive and student-led as far as possible and all those who are involved are able to join in at a level that suits them. Nearly all pupils respond to and hugely enjoy music, and because the sessions are fun and relevant (building upon their abilities and choices), they become engaged and motivated to play an active role in influencing the content and flow of the interactive session.

Music practitioner, participant and carer making music together with a tablet

Classroom Music Making

One-off or regular music making sessions with your pupils. Led by a Soundabout practitioner in-person or online. 

Nature-based musical project offering multi-sensory outdoor sessions. Sessions support mental and physical well-being while exploring communication through music.