Sounds Together

What is Sounds Together?

Sounds Together supports learning Disabled people with complex support needs to make music with others, tell their stories, and have their voices heard in a way that is accessible for them.

Together, over the course of around 12 music sessions, the group creates something they can share with the wider community. They decide on the project outcome such as soundscapes, installations, performances, compositions, recordings, musical theatre/opera.

The music sessions are led by specialist Soundabout music practitioners who design and adapt sessions around the needs and interests of the group. Sessions use a variety of instruments and multi-sensory items.

Current Sounds Together Projects

Contact Soundabout Family Coordinator Rebecca on or phone 07737 051135 for more info/booking.

Jolly Josh, Rochdale

Learning Disabled children and young people with complex support needs.

6, 8, 13 and 15 August

TouchBase Pears, Birmingham

Learning Disabled adults with complex support needs.

Tuesdays 21 May – 16 July


Learning Disabled adults with complex support needs.

Mondays 15 April – 3 June

Sounds Together Highlights

TouchBase Pears, Birmingham (Autumn 2023)

Symphony Hall, Birmingham (Summer 2023)

Witney (Spring 2024)