King’s Singers Collaboration

‘Amazing Grace’ – new lockdown collaboration between The King’s Singers and Soundabout Inclusive Choir released 30th August 2020.

On Sunday 30th August renowned British a capella group The King’s Singers and the Soundabout Oxford Inclusive Choir released a new version of ‘Amazing Grace’, produced during lockdown as part of the Finding Harmony campaign.

This is the first collaboration of its kind between the superlative vocal sextet and the all abilities choir, which focuses on removing barriers from people with severe and profound learning disabilities being able to not only have a voice, but to lead the group.

The new arrangement of ‘Amazing Grace’ by music therapist Steve Dunachie was based on a performance by Soundabout Inclusive Choir member Sam Pittick, who has Down’s Syndrome and hearing loss, and is built on his musical choices, pace, rhythm and pitch.

Steve Dunachie said: ‘I was delighted to be asked to arrange “Amazing Grace” for Soundabout, featuring Sam and his friends, and to see the final product so skilfully put together. As a music therapist one is aware that the very best musical resources are needed for clients, and The King’s Singers are the very best’.

Clare Cook, CEO of Soundabout said: ‘The experience of working with The King’s Singers on this collaboration of Amazing Grace has been extremely significant for the Soundabout Inclusive Choir, led as it was by our talented choir member Sam. It is the ultimate example of the power of music to bring people together and give everyone a voice’.