choir members singing in two rows with seated rock choir sat on tiered seats behind them

Meningitis Now

On the 2nd December 2022 the Worcestershire and Gloucestershire Soundabout Inclusive Choirs performed at Gloucester Cathedral. The choirs were invited by Meningitis Now to perform at their annual fundraising concert. The musical celebration is one of Meningitis Now’s most popular events in the calendar, offering traditional Christmas carols and festive musical entertainment in a wonderful and moving setting.  

Meningitis Now is a national charity with a vision for a future where no one in the UK loses their life to meningitis and everyone affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives. The focal point in the Cathedral was the Meningitis Now Christmas tree, bedecked with hundreds of white ribbons, each one in remembrance of a loved one lost to meningitis.   

inclusive choir members performing with wheelchair users in front row and people standing behind them

The Soundabout choir started the musical performances for the evening with a Hello song. Hello songs are sung at the start of every inclusive choir rehearsal and we were delighted to have audience participation. The choir then performed two tracks ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Little Drummer Boy’.  

The concert was sold out and so the choirs were signing to 800 audience members plus 150 Rock Choir members and the talented pupils from Highnam C of E Primary Academy. The choir wowed the audience and offered an interactive performance that got everyone singing. 

Meningitis Now Chief Executive Officer Dr Tom Nutt said: “Lots of people made a point of commenting to me how good the concert was. Our three choirs excelled, with Highnam’s calypso-style proving entertainingly good, whilst Soundabout left everyone feeling moved and uplifted. Rock Choir – all 150 of them – filled the space in more ways than one!” 

Well done to all staff, volunteers, parents, carers, and choir members who took part.  

 Choir members in a row performing. Wheelchair users in the front with others stood behind.