Black man in wheelchair smiles as a white woman to his left and a black woman to his right smile and tap musical instruments. A white man in a blue Soundabout shirt leans over in front, playing guitar.

Sounds Together at TouchBase Pears

Sounds Together supports Learning Disabled people with complex needs to make music with others, tell their stories and have their voices heard in a way that is accessible for them.

Soundabout’s most recent Sounds Together project took place at TouchBase Pears, Birmingham. Over the course of 12 music sessions, a group of Learning Disabled adults came together to create something they could share with the wider community. 

The music sessions were led by specialist Soundabout music practitioners who designed and adapted sessions around the needs and interests of the group. They used a variety of instruments and multi-sensory items.

Check out these highlights from the project:

Soundabout runs Sounds Together projects around the UK for both children and adults. Is Sounds Together coming to a location near you? Check out the Sounds Together web page or sign up to our mailing list to make sure you don’t miss out!