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Sparkle with Simran

This winter Soundabout is raising awareness of the power of music and the sparkle it brings to the lives of Learning Disabled people. We chatted to Soundabouters Simran and Jaspreet to find out how they sparkle with Soundabout.

Jaspreet, Simran’s mum, told us how Simran’s confidence and happiness has increased since taking part in Soundabout: “Since coming to Soundabout, what I’ve noticed with Simran is she’s a lot more vocal with other people. She’s a bit more confident with her voice…. She’s just more confident in herself… And I think as a person, as an individual, Simran is just beaming since coming here.

Jaspreet explained that, aside from Soundabout, there are not a lot of opportunities for Simran to connect with her peers. “The things she does get access to, it’s important that she holds onto because it just makes her who she is. She gives so much back to everyone else as well… I think the fact that she is able to communicate through music with other people, like you know she’s made friends there and things like that, I think that’s just amazing. Unfortunately, she doesn’t get to do much of that because she’s 18 and there’s not a lot out there which is a shame.

At Soundabout, Simran can be herself. “I think that’s really important for her, because Simran doesn’t get to experience the world like everybody else. When she’s in Soundabout it is just literally about the music, it doesn’t matter what she’s able to do or not able to do, it’s just about the music.”

Find out what you can do to sparkle with Soundabout this winter. You might like to join us at our sparkle events, take part in our music video, donate, or support our fundraising efforts. There’s something for everyone.

Together we can shine bright and give the gift of music.