National PMLD Day 2024

Friday 3 May 2024 is National PMLD Day.

This is a chance to celebrate the incredible children and adults in the Soundabout community who identify with the term PMLD.

This PMLD day, Soundabout wants to celebrate the wonderful individuals we support. Hear from some of our wonderful Soundabout participants and how their musical personalities make them unique.

What does PMLD mean?

PMLD stands for Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities. You can read more about this at Mencap.

After consultation with families at Soundabout we use the phrase ‘Learning Disabled people with complex support needs’ in place of PMLD, and also respect that individuals may choose to identify differently.

Meet Lydia

Lydia just adores music, absolutely loves music. She may not be able to tell me how much she enjoys the sessions, but when she hears the hello songs she just gets really excited and just is happy.

(Soundabout) has made us closer really. It makes me notice things about Lydia, expressions and noises she makes… It helps me focus so I think I’ve got to know her more… She’s 14 now and I know her better now, since doing Soundabout with her, than I’ve ever known.

~ Emily (Lydia’s Mum)

Meet Ava

Music connects Ava to the world around her. It provides a platform that enables purposeful communication and is a medium whereby she can express herself clearly and explore her own creativity. 

Ava loves nothing more than being in charge of music making and directing. Ava relies on carers to support her in all aspects of her care. She has little control over what happens to her but music allows her to take charge and direct others…

She is very aware of her power in these moments and will often giggle in anticipation of what she can make others do in response to her movements or vocal cues. 

~ Liz (Ava’s Mum)

Our Person-Centred Approach

Music is a universal language; communication for those who express themselves using means other than words. non-verbal people, and for expressing what can’t be put into words. At Soundabout, on PMLD Day and everyday, we focus on what individuals can do and follow their lead. We design our activities around the needs, interests, and passions of the groups.

Watch the highlights from our Witney Sounds Together group, which brought together Learning Disabled adults with complex support needs to make music with others, tell their stories, and have their voices heard in a way that is accessible for them.

If you would like to make a difference to more people like Lydia and Ava, and see more music groups like Sounds Together, please consider making a one-off or regular donation: