Dame Evelyn Glennie



Dame Evelyn Glennie


Dame Evelyn Glennie, CH is notably recognized as the first musician to maintain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. Evelyn is also deaf and has, with the aid of her first percussion teacher, honed her awareness of sound to such a degree that she describes her body as ‘a resonating chamber.’

More recently, Evelyn has collaborated with a spectrum of diverse artists on projects that foreground artistic vision and innovation. When not engaged with music, Evelyn embraces her role as a public speaker, consultant, presenter and advocate for humanitarian causes. She shares her mission to ‘Teach the World to Listen’ across the mediums of live performance, radio and TV.

She says, “Music is one of the most essential communication tools we have, and one that we must all have access to. This important campaign shines a light on the vital role music plays in the lives of people who would otherwise exist in a very solitary world. I would ask everyone to #ShareTheLove and ensure Soundabout can continue to unlock the potential of people with profound learning disabilities.”

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