Inclusive Choir

Our  Soundabout Inclusive Choirs are musical communities without barriers, made up of singers of all abilities, with a focus on ensuring people with severe and profound learning disabilities and their families are able to share their voice. The choirs are run online only (via Zoom) during 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions and will be delivered in a combination of virtual and face to face sessions in 2021. 
Our approach is firmly on creating opportunities for leadership for our choir members, and we develop singers to have the confidence to lead the groups and share their music throughout the sessions. 
We are also aspirational and are always looking for exciting opportunities for the choir members to shine. They have released a number of music videos, including REACH, FIX YOU and AMAZING GRACE, in collaboration with The King’s Singers, who chose the choir as Ambassadors for their Finding Harmony. 
The Soundabout Inclusive Choir has also regularly featured in the media, including the following:
The choirs are co-directed by Emma Hughes, Sophia Nicholls and Eleanor Gibson. Martin Pickett is the musical director. 
There are currently four Inclusive Choirs, and our Oxford choir is open to anyone to attend virtually, regardless of location: 

Youth Choirs (for ages 18 and under)

All ages

  • Oxford (and beyond) is the original Oxford choir and also includes members from all over the country and beyond – as far afield as Brooklyn, New York. 
  • Bristol, supported by MyCool Music Foundation, the choir session takes place online at the same time as the Oxford Choir – on Sundays at 3.30pm. 

Whilst we are all managing social distancing, all Soundabout Inclusive Choirs are being run virtually. Please email for more information.


We were also featured on the front page of BBC News online with a different version of the feature!

Here we are celebrating BBC Music Day in 2018