Sounds Wild Fundraising

Soundabout and the National Star College in Gloucester are running a fantastic Sounds Wild project this autumn, for students with severe learning difficulties and profound and complex needs. This important project allows students to explore the natural world in a multi-sensory way, by using music and sound to create playful, interactive nature-based experiences.

We still have a bit further to go to make sure that this project can run the full 6 weeks that will benefit the students the most.

You can make a difference by donating today to Soundabout’s Sounds Wild Project.


Soundabout unlocks the potential of children, young people and adults with severe, profound and multiple learning disabilities by helping them to develop their ability to interact with the world around them through music and sound.

In the past year our Soundabout community has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic., Families that were already isolated were cut off entirely from services that made the difference to them. Access to therapeutic appointments and treatments changed as health services became overwhelmed. Most of all, our learning-disabled community, who normally experience higher levels of poor mental health than the general population, had an unimaginably difficult time during the pandemic.

Spending time in nature is often extremely difficult to navigate when you have high care needs, use a wheelchair and most natural spaces are not accessible. And yet, we are understanding more and more about how spending time outdoors has so many positive health benefits including on our mental health and wellbeing.

Please help our community today by donating to the Sounds Wild project and helping National Star students.