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It was really helpful in understanding how the real needs of children with PMLD can be resolved

Our training consists of Foundation Modules & Soundabout Modules. The Foundation modules are designed to provide an introduction to understanding the impact of music on the learning, development, and communication of people with profound, severe and complex learning disabilities and autism. These modules are the foundation of the techniques needed to enable children and young people with learning disabilities to have a musical life that is interactive, that enhances their lives and learning.

Other Soundabout Modules aim to give practical and effective techniques & training in the use of specific tools to work with under 5s, children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and autism. These modules are underpinned by the foundation modules.

Foundation Module

25 Musical Activities that Work

This module introduces learners to the effective use of silence, timing and observation to create the best environment and encourage engagement with children and young people with learning disabilities. The module also demonstrates how staff can enable the pupils to lead the learning experience.

Devising and running creative music sessions for young people with PMLD, SLD, Autism

An analysis of the role of the facilitator in practical music making and a discussion of the role of music in children’s personal development. The module also enables the staff to develop an increasing awareness of how their practice impacts on the pupils.

Music, Assessment and the Sounds of Intent

This module takes the learner through the Sounds of Intent (SoI) Assessment Framework giving a background to its development and use as a tool for assessing musical development in children and adults at differing levels of musical abilities. A Foundation that develops the techniques by learning how music is used to promote and assess children’s musical and personal development. Specific Elements that can be used to enrich your understanding of how music and sound can be used in your educational setting.

Soundabout Modules

Music and Autism

This module provides an understanding of autism and gives practical examples of the effects of music in the life of children with autism. The modules also give useful ideas of how music can be used effectively in the development of people with autism.

Skoog and Music

An introduction to the use of the SKOOG as a tool for interaction, communication and musical development for children and young people with PMLD, SLD, Complex LD.

Simple Soundbeam

A comprehensive review of the appropriate use of Soundbeam 2 & Soundbeam 5 giving a simple and easy to manage approach to setting up and using the equipment. The module also guides you through the planning and maintenance of effective sessions including troubleshooting and staying motivated.

Using iPads with people with PMLD, SLD and ASD

An exploration of apps that can be used in connection with the Sounds of Intent assessment framework and a discussion of how they can be used within music groups. The workshop gives the opportunity to share good practice.

Creative Music within Multi-sensory environments for people with SEND

Simple improvised music making using a range of instruments, voice and sound effects. The module stimulates the creation of multi-sensory environments that inspire and encourage interaction. The role of the leader in how to plan simple and effective music sessions that encourage interaction and help develop the personal and social skills of each participant is also explored.

ComMUSICation Kit Bag: Sound, play and communication in the Early Years

This module begins with the use of musical starting points to promote self-expression and intentionality using the resources developed within the Kitbag as tools for encouraging engagement, interaction and self-awareness.

Sounds Wild: Music Making in a natural outdoor environment

Music and nature to inspire and instil a sense of wonder and appreciation of the natural environment, encouraging and providing opportunities for interactive participation that focuses on raising self-esteem, creating a sense of belonging, making choices and increasing the sense of autonomy to influence what happens.

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