Boy listens to a drum

Working with Music Hubs

We provide training in the use of interactive music techniques to enable young people with disabilities who might otherwise be excluded from music-making, to enjoy communicating through patterns of sound and silence, thus motivating them to develop other core learning, listening and communication skills.

We work in partnership with Music Education Hubs to support the delivery of the core and extension roles outlined in the National Plan for Music Education (NPME). We do this on three levels:

  1. We work with Music Hubs on a strategic level  through our consultation programme. Here we carry out a needs assessment and analysis providing information from the research towards the development of a sustainable inclusion strategy
  2. We work with the Hubs to develop a virtual SEND network and Education & Training Centre to facilitate peer interaction, sharing good practice and provide CPD training.
  3. We work with Music Hubs to develop local special school delivery programmes. These programmes provide music making sessions for pupils and long term modelling and shadowing sessions for staff. The aim of these sessions is to develop the skills and confidence in the workforce within the Hub. We also aim to establish Soundabout Champions to continue the work of up skilling and supporting the staff  – Leaving a Legacy

Soundabout works to establish the needs in the area and facilitate through a sustainable and effective CPD training program tailor-made to meet the diverse requirements and training needs of Music Education Hubs.

Read our Soundabout training modules for more information.

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