Soundabout “Ready-To-Go” Training Modules

Soundabout uses music to create musical communities without barriers, ensuring that people with complex and additional needs have a voice and a way to be heard. 

Soundabout is committed to sharing our techniques and practice as widely as possible.  We are building a library of short training courses that you can pay to access.

Please find below a list of our current courses, each of which is made up of a number of short-modules.  You can find more information about each individual module on the booking pages below.

Each module is £10, or you can buy the whole course for £30.

If you are a school or organisation and would like to buy the content for multiple use within your team, please contact to discuss pricing. Thank you.

Free Training Introduction

Here is Karen with a free introduction to these modules and a few initial tips to get you started:

Click on the links below to book the individual modules. Each course has around 4-6 modules and each module is varied in length, from 10-30 minutes. 

Introduction to Basic Soundabout Techniques with Karen Nicholson

This is an invaluable resource aimed at parents, support staff and school teams that covers some of Soundabout's basic music making approaches. The aim of this training is to give you ideas and the confidence to use music and sound-play to enhance the life of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

First Steps to Using Ukulele for SEN Music Making with
Will Taggart

With a few basic chords on a ukulele, you have all you need to make up 100s of songs and sound games to use for people with learning disabilities in a variety of settings. This course has six short modules that will take you from setting things up with brand recommendations and tuning your Ukulele through to basic ukulele playing and how that can be used to support the people you work and live with.

SEN Music in the
Early Years with
Isabel Bedford

This 5-module course will be useful for any early years practitioners and volunteers to help gain an understanding of why using music with under 5s is so beneficial. This comprehensive course covers the use of the 'Sounds of Intent in the Early Years' framework as well as ideas for activities and session plans. While widely applicable to all early years teams, the course has been created with SEN early years music making in mind

The PMLD Band
with Oded

If you support a group of pupils or adults with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) and would like to work on a musical band project, this 5-module course is for you. Oded describes step by step how to approach this project with lots of helpful insights and tips.

Introduction to Using Resonance Boards with Isabel Bedford

This 5-module course will give you a good introduction on what resonance boards are, very practical information on how to set up your resonance board work safely and different ideas and demonstrations of how they can be used effectively for people with severe learning difficulties and people with profound and multiple learning difficulties. You do not require any musical skills to use resonance boards effectively and this course will show you how.

More Training
Coming Soon...

Keep an eye out for more training modules in the next few days!