Adam Ockelford at a piano


Prof Adam Ockelford

Adam Ockelford is Professor of Music and Director of the Applied Music Research Centre at the University of Roehampton, London. His research focus is on music psychology, in particular, the development of special musical abilities and needs – areas about which he has written widely and lectures all over the world. He continues to work with children with a range of abilities and disabilities every week, as he has done for the last 35 years. He was Director of Education at the RNIB for a number of years and has been a Trustee of Soundabout for two decades.

John Hall

John Hall is a founding trustee of Soundabout, he has dedicated the past 20 years to help develop, raise awareness and fundraise for the charity. His tireless support and that of his family comes after a long and successful career in banking. John and his wife Sarah host an annual open day at their beautiful farm near Reading to help raise funds for Soundabout.

Danielle Harker

Danielle graduated in English and Creative Studies and has singing experience with a number of choirs over the years. She now works in Events and Marketing in London. Danielle has known Soundabout since it began as her sister was one of the original participants 20 years ago and they both still attend as often as possible. Both Danielle and Lydia competed in 2016 Parallel London event and raised over £2000.

Emily Newsome
Emily graduated in English and has since worked in various marketing and copywriting roles.  She now works in marketing for a publishing company and also recently completed a qualification in digital marketing.  She is passionate about the use of music as a form of communication and enjoys attending concerts and musical events, both with and outside of Soundabout.  

Kate Pattinson

Kate worked as a primary school teacher in and around Oxford for forty years, specialising in the acquisition of reading, and with a special interest in teaching music to young children. Her interest in Soundabout came about through her close relationship with her autistic grandson, seeing the important role that music played in his life, and in his understanding and communication.

Simon Claridge
With a portfolio career Simon has experience and qualifications in Accounting, Finance and Marketing, realising he didn’t have the personality to be an accountant he set about a 20 year career in the IT industry – when this paled he jumped into Property Development and has now built over 25 houses in South Oxfordshire. Married with three daughters Simon divides his time between Goring and Padstow where he can be found walking his two Jack Russells.
Rob Marshall 
Rob has spent 15 years working in the music industry, first at a major record label managing partnerships with MP3 and ringtone stores, and later for music streaming services. He is currently part of Spotify’s licensing team, where he works with music rights holders to facilitate international expansion. Rob has previously spent time living and working in Kenya, Uganda and Japan, but now lives in Hertfordshire with his wife, two young kids and a lazy golden retriever. He (very!) occasionally finds time to play the piano and guitar.
Kathryn Jennings
Music has been a part of Kathryn’s life from a young age. Having studied music at Cardiff University she went on to work in the music industry supporting professional musicians and conductors to perform around the world. Kathryn now works at the University of Oxford and whilst music is no longer part of her day job she continues to sing and play the violin, occasionally with Soundabout.
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