Soundabout TV

After the resounding success of our bi-weekly Soundabout Live! interactive music-making sessions we’ve had a lot of requests from people who’d like to view them on different platforms.

We will now be hosting every Live! session on our YouTube page and on our new TV page here. You’ll be able to play, pause, rewind and view as many times as you might want and on any device – especially good for those of you with connected TV’s and Sky Q as you’ll be able to view very easily on a larger screen.

Here’s our first session with the wonderful Will Taggart – click the ‘broken square’ button in the bottom right hand corner to go to full screen mode:

This is our first full session with Steve Harper:

Session 2 with Steve:

Session 3 with the lovely, and very talented, Emma Hughes:

Session 4 with Will Taggart:

Session 5 with super Steve Harper:

Don’t forget to join us on Soundabout’s Facebook  at 2pm on Tuesdays and Saturdays where our Soundabout Live! sessions will be led by different members of our amazing music practitioner team.

Bring a tambourine, shaker or some pots and pans to rattle and shake.

All sessions are stored on the page for future viewing if you’re unable to make the live event.

They are free to for everyone to watch but if you did feel able to make a donation to help us to continue to deliver our services during this very challenging time, please click here:

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